Every Homeowner Needs To Know These 3 Ways A Smart Thermostat Can Save Them Money

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Published on
01 Feb 2022
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Written by
Published on
01 Feb 2022
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Every Homeowner Needs To Know These 3 Ways A Smart Thermostat Can Save Them Money

What's A Smart Thermostat?

Great question. Let's get some definitions sorted.

Put simply, a smart thermostat is like any other thermostat in that it controls the temperature of your home. A Smart Thermostat differs however, by adding internet connectivity, so you can control it through an app on your smart phone - even when you're not at home!

What Are The Benefits To A Smart Thermostat?

Where to begin? There's all sorts of benefits to a Smart Thermostat. So strap yourself in and get ready to learn!

1. You Can Adjust Your Heating From Anywhere

That's right. One of the main benefits of a Smart Thermostat is that you can contro your heating from anywhere. So there's no more coming home from an evening out to a cold home. You can just sit in the back of a taxi and whack that heating on so your home will be toasty and warm when you arrive.

Equally, if you forget to turn your heating off and you go away for a few days, your Smart Thermostat will recognise that there's no movement in the house and it will turn itself off. Or, ask you on the app if you'd like the heating turning off. It's like having a robot you can talk to telepathically controling the heating in your house.

2. You Can Save Money

This is the big benefit of a Smart Thermostat. It can save you money. Whereas standard thermostats switch on and off at certain times on certain days, a Smart Thermostat will make that a thing of the past. 

Instead, you can go away on your winter holiday, turn your heating off for the time you're away, and then turn it on when you get reports of a cold snap back in the UK so your pipes don't freeze and burst.

This is the same situation if you have a holiday home, or an Air BnB property. You can turn the heating on and off from the comfort of your living room, confident in the knowledge any propsective guests won't feel the chill and ruin your star rating because they've walked into an ice box.

3. You Can Save Energy

Not only will a Smart Thermostat reduce your bills, it will also help the environment and the climate crisis.

Obviously we've discussed the benefits of turning your heating on and off from anywhere above, so I'll not go over that again. But a Smart Thermostat also gives you the added benefit of managing the heating in specific rooms in the house. So, if there's a room that no-one ever uses you can turn the heating off in there at the touch of a button. Which means you're not paying to heat a room no-one ever uses.

And obviously, if someone starts using the room, the app on your phone will prompt you to turn the heating on. Because it can recognise movement in there. You can reject that prompt if appropriate. Or if it's just your in-laws come to visit!


Having a Smart Thermostat is like having full control of your heating from the palm of your hand. It's a no brainer if you want to save money, save energy and prefer to have total control of the heating rather than letting the kids run wild with it by pushing buttons when they're bored.

Now, if a Smart Thermostat sounds like something you'd like to invest in, then give us a call today for a no obligation free quote. We offer extremely competitive prices as well as courteous and professional workers who'll do a great job. They'll even clean up after themselves too.

So make sure to give us a call today.

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